Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sidney's Novice Leg #1

In September, I entered Sidney in his first novice trial. I showed under Judge Barbara Doering. Sidney continues to be very upbeat in the ring. He has great attention. Our score was 195.5. We are having lots of fun together. Here is a link to his video.

Sidney's Third Leg & BN title

I'm very excited about how well Sidney is doing in obedience. I showed under Gregory Feathers at York County August 2013. He earned is Beginner Novice title in 3 trials with very good scores. He has a very upbeat attitude with nice attention.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back to Training

After four Prolotherapy treatments we are now back to training. Yippee! Sidney is doing great! So pleased with how his training is coming along. Each morning and evening meal we have been working on a lightning fast down and down back. Also a lightning fast sit and sit back. Once he can do a down from a distance of 40 feet with a signal only, I'll teach him a drop on recall.

He loves the utility exercises. I just love his speed with gloves, go outs, and directed jumping. With articles, Sidney had a set back with not being able to train for four weeks. Now he is finally back where we were when we stopped training. All articles tied down (8 articles), and the one with my scent not tied down. Now I will start to untie the tied down articles one at a time.

He cracks me up. He loves to train. To get my attention, he will bring me toys, prance around with his Nylabone, and even lick my face relentlessly. Now how can I resist a dog who begs me to train him?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Injury

I'm really bummed. Sidney is lame in his left hind leg. Last Monday, he hit the high jump which is a solid wooden jump. It was set at 8 inches high. The vet could move his stifle in his right leg but not his left leg. She did Chiro, acupuncture, and prolotherapy on both his stifles. He is a dog that is full of energy so keeping him from jumping on and off furniture will be a big challenge. He is to be kept calm and rested for 5 days. After 5 days, he can be walked on a leash but still no training or tricks. He's not allowed to go up and down steps. The vet will reevaluate him in 3 weeks.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Training & Show N Goes

I'm thinking of retiring Jasper from shows and I haven't entered him in any show n goes. He's now 10. He physically is fine. We started training Utility last August. I'm afraid that by the time he's ready to show that he won't be physically able to show. I'll kept training him since he likes to train but my main focus is training Sidney.

I've been taking Sidney to Show N Goes where we do a run thru in open and utility. I have not yet shown him. My coach said to show him in rally first then obedience. In Rally you can praise during your run thru while in obedience you can only praise in between exercises. So I need to start teaching the rally exercises.

Sidney is fun to train and take to show n goes. He is up beat and a happy worker. I've been getting compliments on Sidney at show n goes. I can't wait to start showing him.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Back

My Mom has had some serious health problems. I've been taking care of her. I hope to be posting monthly of what The Pug Boys and I have been up to.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lesson With Bridget

I was fortunate to have had a private lesson with Bridget. She has such finesse and great timing. She is a natural at problem solving. She worked with Sidney to show me how to do it then handed him back to me. We worked on getting his butt in during heeling. Turning the grey into black & white concerning getting closer in heel position. She had great ideas for rear end work and how to keep heeling interesting.

Can't wait till her next seminar in July. It will be an advance seminar covering open and utility.

Check out Sidney and Bridget.